Who can help?

Anyone who would like to make a difference in the lives of others can give food at our Supermarket collections, you will find a full list of all our collections this year on the COLLECTIONS page.

Churches, schools, workplaces, activity groups can get involved with FUNDRAISING for WORTHING FOODBANK.

Cash Investors can provide vital funds to underpin the running costs of The Food Bank. Become a Foodbank fundraiser by pledging to give Foodbank £2 a month by standing order (go to the donations page to download a form)

You can volunteer your time to help in the Warehouse, Distribution Centre at the Supermarket collections that run once a month, or you can organise a Food Bank fundraising event in your church or group that you are part of.

You can become a Voucher holder registered with the Food Bank if you are a care agency, a health visitor, GP or an organisation dealing with people in need.

The most encouraging thing about people's involvement has been their willingness to pitch in and help their neighbours in crisis by giving a tin here or a packet there at the collections, it all adds up! Community helping Community. Thank you!